Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day with These Apps

Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day with These Apps

Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on your unique and special loves. Start planning the day ahead of time so that you can show your significant other just how much they mean to you. There are a variety of ways to show your love without having to spend a fortune. Consider the best ways to create a unique Valentine’s Day experience.

To help you plan a wonderful Valentine’s Day for your loved one, you will want to check out the following Valentine’s day apps on your phone or tablet.


Flowers on Valentine’s Day is too cliché for some people, but it’s really a nice gesture and always appreciated by the recipient. If flowers aren’t your thing or you’re not sure what type of flower to send, you can also choose to send a plant or other gift item such as cookies or chocolates from this great app.

Nobody would mind getting a sweet treat. The best part of 1-800-Flowers is that they are able to deliver in 195 countries so there’s no excuse for not doing something sweet for your Valentine.

Bite Squad

Sometimes the best present is not having to cook or think about dinner especially when Valentine’s Day falls on a work night. Consider having a meal delivery from your significant other’s favorite restaurant. Bite Squad enables restaurant food delivery to your door in minutes.

The app provides a wide range of restaurants to choose from and features a search bar and filtering tools. This app doesn’t require an order minimum and there are coupon codes so that the first delivery is free once the app is downloaded. Treat your loved one to a meal they don’t have to prepare or clean up after.


If your budget permits, plan a getaway using the Airbnb app. Whether you plan a 1-night stay or a long weekend escape, your sweetheart will surely appreciate this. You can search their database of over 4 million vacation rentals. This app features a “Travel Experience” section which can help you plan a more involved trip. If you’re running short on prep time, Airbnb is your digital friend.

The very nature of the app allows users to be near or far, anywhere in the world, and able to efficiently book a home or apartment. Some listings have virtual tours so you can see the space before you’re there. Double-check the available amenities so that you can plan and pack accordingly and ensure that your experience is just what you intended for your loved one.


Photo prints are the gift that keeps on giving. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to make a photo collage of special moments and memories. If you download the Snapfish app, you’ll receive free prints each month and the ability to create personalized gifts in minutes – when you sign up, you receive 100 free 4×6 prints every month.

You can upload images directly from your iPhone device, iCloud® account, Google Photos® account and even from your Facebook page. Digital photography is a wonderful way to document your life together and printing those photos is a creative way to showcase your best moments.

Desire – Couple Game

This app is for those who wish to spice up their relationship. This is a wonderful way to make your device work for you. Desire is a game to play with your partner. The game challenges couples in romantic and intimate ways. It features more than 70,000 dares. Some dares are sweet, some are more intimate, and the user can also choose to create their own.

Also included in the app is a private journal to document memories and a private chat for you and your partner.

If you’ve run short on time, or you are just looking for something unique to give your love on Valentine’s Day, these apps will help you create a wonderful day. Not all gifts come in boxes with bows with wraps. Concentrate on creating a loving experience with your significant other so that their Valentine’s Day is memorable. 

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