Virtual Reality in Sport…getting off the block…

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The ball spinning in a faultless loop, kissed the goal keeper’s gloves before crashing into the nets, the banana kick was executed to perfection, the stadium erupted and the players surged towards the star in a mad frenzy. The match was won and the game was done….all in the cosy settings of the living room…welcome to the world of Virtual Reality…

In sport it is said that “every game is won in the mind first and then on the field.” Great athletes and sportsmen have lived every moment of their victory in their heads long before they stepped on to the ground. VR has taken this visualization to the next level with 360 degree immersion with advanced graphic and movement interface; it is safe to say the future of sport will never be the same…

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Virtual reality is redefining sports training, take any sport and VR is in play, from learning the game to mastering it, the power of immersion is making it happen. Live play, replay, instant analytics, real time feedback all this and more is what VR is bringing to the world of sport.

VR augmented with Biomechanics is changing every dimension of the game; VR headset donning athletes are peering into everything from track status to competitor information, from wind speed to body dynamics, at the international level everything counts and sportsmen are staking everything to get the little edge. VR and simulated engagement is turning out to be the perfect foil…

The audience is not left behind, VR enabled live streaming is getting the action in all is elements to the people in their living rooms. Virtual walkthroughs to immersive games, from virtual sports fashion to virtual tours the excitement is only building up.

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In soccer Virtual Reality programs are engaging players in simulated match scenarios, readying them to counter specific oppositions and working out their own strategies. It has been observed that simulated training enhances all aspects of the game and reduces burn out due to intense physical trainings. Also it offers a distinct advantage to players who have been benched due to injury or non performance, VR enables simulation will keep them sharp and reflective with the inspiration to improve.

The applications of VR to any sport are limitless and the sports world is only just waking up to the possibilities….

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